Saturday, June 20, 2009

I've signed up for a life-time of web...

I've signed up for a life-time of web-apps, which I knew from the start of the 27 Things that I would abandon (free of guilt, too; REAL = threat of overpopulation pushing planet to a crisis point. Cluttering up cyberspace- does it really make a difference?) And, I was happy to discover that I could substitue Google Reader for Zoho, since the Google account I already have. This is a very practical and relevant application for me. Google is the closest one-stop-shop of a web-page I have (unfortanately not the library's web-page - Which brings me to wonder why the heck not). Where was I? Oh yes- number 18 - busta blogpost through Google Docs. While I was at it, I got very, very excited when I disovered that I can send a regular old e-mail to my very own special google docs e-mail address and google docs will make the body text into a new document. Maybe it's old news, but dang, that's cool. Well, here ya go. It's Saturday, and I'm cold - can I please go home now?

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